Antenna Service from North Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast

TV Reception Sunshine Coast

Digital TV Re-stack Sunshine Coast

Digital TV ReceptionSunshine Coast Digital TV Channel Re-stack was completed in 2013 to make way for new 4G / LTE wireless communications, this required relocating TV Channels between 52 and 69 and moving them below Channel 52.

Relocated Sunshine coast TV Channels were 53-Brisbane Seven, 56-Brisbane Ten, 59-Brisbane Nine, 62-Sunshine Coast ABC, 65-Sunshine Coast Seven, 68-Sunshine Coast Win.

New TV Transmitter at Peregian Beach

Peregian TV Transmitter for TV ReceptionThe New Peregian TV Transmitter is a low power gap filler located at the water tower Peregian Beach and started Transmissions of all Free View TV Channels in February 2013.

This New TV Transmitter covers Poor TV Reception areas north of Peregian Beach including Marcus Beach, Castaways Beach, Sunrise Beach, Sunshine Beach and Noosa Heads, it also covers Areas to the south including Peregian Springs and Coolum Beach.

New TV Transmitter at Point Arkwright

Point Arkwright TV Transmitter for TV ReceptionThe new Point Arkwright TV Transmitter is a low power gap filler located at the Luther Heights Youth Camp Coolum Beach and started Transmissions of all Free View TV Channels in February 2013.

This New Transmitter covers Poor TV Reception areas to the north of Point Arkwright including Coolum Beach, it also covers Areas to the south including Yaroomba, Mount Coolum, Marcoola, Mudjimba, North Buderim and Bli Bli.


TV Interference From 4G / LTE Mobile Phone Tower

TV Interference from 4G LTE Mobile Phone TowerNow that the Digital TV Re-stack on the Sunshine Coast is complete, Transmission of New 4G / LTE Wireless Signals from phone towers are causing TV Interference across the Sunshine Coast from Caloundra to Maroochydore and Noosa Heads.

Interference from 4G / LTE Mobile Phone Towers can cause Pixelation or the Picture Breaking up into squares and if strong enough can cause no signal to intermittently display on the TV Screen. This will require the upgrade of old TV Antennas and Amplifier boosters to block any strong TV Interference.

Peregian Beach TV Transmitter Problems

WIN Channel 9 Services from Peregian Beach TV Transmitter Breaking Up

Channel 9 TV Picture Break Up from Peregian Beach TV TransmitterWIN Channel 9 Services from the Peregian Beach TV Transmitter has continuous pixelation that started on Friday 1st April 2022, parts are on order and may take 1 or 2 weeks to be fixed.

This will effect channel 9 services along the coastline from Peregian Beach, Marcus Beach, Castaways Beach, Sunrise Beach and Sunshine Beach.